NCK bearing manufacturer specializing in the production of medical equipment bearing of specific models have S694ZZ, S623ZZ, S682ZZ, S684ZZ, SMR106ZZ, 6800-2RS 6900-2 - RS, 6200 - the SRS, etc. It is mainly used in the fields of medical breathing apparatus, minimally invasive medical equipment, ultra-pure water equipment, medical imaging equipment, physiotherapy analysis and rehabilitation. NCK bearing of medical equipment manufactured by bearing company has 440C material, mixed ceramic material or all-ceramic material. In consideration of the special medical environment of the hospital, NCK bearings are generally made of environment-friendly non-toxic grease or directly non-oil drying process to ensure the safety and reliability of medical equipment.

The safety and reliability of medical equipment is a vital issue considering the use period and safety of medical equipment. The bearings provided by bearing company can fully meet the requirements of equipment parts and components.

In medical equipment, the comfort of the operator and the patient is extremely important,  NCK bearing considering the low height of medical equipment imaging and treatment table contraction, easy control of equipment movement, as well as low noise operation and other factors, has high requirements for the noise control of bearing manufactured by our company, achieving full inspection, imaging technology and accurate positioning of patients. Silent operation and absolute reliability guarantee the efficient function of equipment

 Bearing as medical apparatus and instruments of key parts, especially the high precision, high quality, high performance precision bearings is the essential qualities of the medical industry, currently many high-end medical equipment import, and as well NCK bearing of research activity and has gradually in the field of high-end medical equipment with the power of substitution, and some famous medical equipment manufacturers have a further cooperation.